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What is this?

The 'Small Publications' are intended for knowledge-sharing and dialogue within the Asian community of professionals involved in river basin management or related fields. In some cases the papers present facts, information and lessons learnt. In other cases, they provide news, opinions, ideas, or open questions for discussion.
The papers are published on the Internet and promoted via CRBOM's network.

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Author Title Download
hacked Download
Slamet Budi PrayitnoRecret of Successful RBOs Download
Doan TranhGood Practices by Hydropower Development Download
Yem DararathAgricultural Value Chains Download
Agus SumaryonoManaging the Mount Merapi Sediments Download
Doan TranhLivelihoods for Re-settled Communities Download
Chanthanet Boulapha and Clive LyleForming the Nam Ngum River Basin Committee Download
Clive Lyle and Chanthanet BoulaphaScenario-Based Development Planning for the Nam Ngum Basin Download
Slamet Budi PrayitnoThe Importance of Shared Values Download
Pham Phuoc ToanAdaptive Water-Sharing in the Vu Gia-Thu Bon Basin Download
Supardiyono SobirinDramma and Dilemmas on the Banks of the Cikapundung River Download
Tjoek Walujo SubijantoMoving our RBOs to the Next Level Download
Declan HearneIWRM in the Davao Watersheds Download
Fahmi Hidayat & Raymond ValiantThe Case for the Corporate RBO Download
Mahendra Kumar MishraKalahandi Drought Lore Download
Sorn SomolineHealthy Headwater Areas Download
Vann MonyneathClimate Change Adaptation with Immediate Download
Vina TouchAction-Oriented Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability Download
Nawajyoti SharmaCommunity Mobilization on the Brahmaputra Floodplains Download
Dennis Von CustodioPiloting a Roadmap Advisory Service to Prepare River Basin Invesments Download
Ravi Narayanan and Marisha Wojcoechowska-ShibuyaLeadership for Asia's Water Development Download
Yem DararathStrengthening Cambodia's Wter User Communities Download
S C Mahapatra and Marisha Wojcoechowska-ShibuyaOdisha's Evolving Water Resources Management Download
Apichart Anukularmphai and Marisha Wojciechowska-SibuyaThe 2011 Floods in Thailand - and The Role of IWRM Download
Orasa Kongthong and Chatchai RatanachaiCivil Society in the Songkhla Lake Basin Download
Pichai UamturapojnOrganizational Resilience: Adaptation to Changes for RBOs Download
Sudharma ElakandaResource-Based Development: Experience from Mahaweli Download
Gemala SuzantiThe Garuda, The Owl, The Raven and The Peacock Download
Edwin S Arco and Caridad Rivera-CorridorSocial Marketing of Healthy River Basins Download
Vicente B. Tudao Jr.Framework Planning for Basin-Level-Management The Philipine Approach Download
RahardjantoA Small Self-Powered Pump Irrigation Sceme in the Bengawan Solo Basin Download
Fahmi HidayatFlood and Climate Change - Observations from Java Download
Watt BotkosalIWRM-Based Development in a Small Cambodian Ruver Basin Download
Fahmi HidayatThe Planning Spiral of Brantas River Basin Download
James T. CherianWater Demand Management in Selangor Why and How? Download
Yem DararathKampong Bay, Cambodia-The Climate Perspective in Water-Related Development Download
SudarsonoThe Bengawan Solo Water Council-Providing insight Directions Download
Debaraj SwainOrrisa's Pani Panchayats a Case of Succesful Irrigation Management Download
Sri Hernowo MRoadmaps for River Basin Develoment Download
Watt BotkosalWater Resources for Livelihoods and Economic Development in Cambodia Download
Dennis Von CustodioExample of How to Describe a River Basin Download
Doan Van BinhTen Steps to Benefit-Sharing Download
Harry M. SungguhRBO Benchmarking Download
Thi Thanh Van NgoOut of Sight, Out of Mind - The Forgotten Merits of Septic Tanks Download
IsnugrohoJava's Water Security Download
Husnia Luluk FaridaWater Use by Households in Banjarsari, Surakarta Download
B A ChivateIrrigation Performance Benchmarking in Maharashtra Download
B A ChivateWater Aditing in Maharashtra Download
Solieng MakPaddy Cultivation-The Traditional Way Download
Thi Thanh Van NgoPaddy Cultivation 20 years from now Download
Muanpong JuntopasWater-Related Assets of our River Basins Download
Md. Tamimul Alama ChowdhuryResources-Dependent Livelihoods Download
Tomonobu SugiuraSatellite-Based Assessment of Flood Risk and Flood Exposure Download
Herman Mondeel and Hermono S. BudinetroThe Banger Polder in Semarang Download
IsnugrohoAuthority & Responsibility in River Basin Management Download

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