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Leadership training for IWRM proficiency

Lor In Hotel, Solo, 22-24 November 2011

The training session was organized by CRBOM in collaboration with PJT1 and other partners. There were 29 participants, mostly from river basin organizations all over Indonesia.

Facilitation was provided by Dr. Hastaning Sakti and professor S. Budi Prayitno, both from Diponegoro University. The sessions were chaired by Ir. Isnugroho, Executive Director, CRBOM, and Ir. Hermono S. Budinetro, Deputy Director, CRBOM.

The participants were welcomed by Ir. Isnugroho, followed by a keynote speech by mr. Abdul Hanan Akhmad, Head of the Hydrology Sub-directorate of Directorate-General of Water Resources. The programme featured lectures on leadership and leadership challenges by Dr. Hastaning Sakti, Ir. Tjoek Walujo Subijanto, President Director of PJT1; mr. Hisaya Sawano, Jica Expert; Ir. Raymond Valiant, Manager of Water Services Division V, PJT1; professor S. Budi Prayitno, mr. Supardiyono Sobirin, Member, Observer Board on Forestry and Environment of West Java (and retired Director of Research Centre for Human Settlements and Research Centre for Water Resources); mrs. A. Wuriyati, Section Chief of Data Collection, Balai Sungai; and Dr. Tue Kell Nielsen, Senior Adviser, ADB RETA 6470. Case studies were presented and discussed of 'Communication and negotiation' and 'Conflict resolution and community empowerment'. Each presentation was followed by a discussion. There were also small exercises, opinion surveys and tests, conducted in groups or individually, and including several light-hearted moments.

In one exercise, the participants were divided into 4 groups (representing river basin organizations; farmers; industries; and drinking water for households), which were challenged to agree on the sharing of a less-than-adequate amount of water.

The participants learned about the importance of good leadership, leadership styles and attributes, transformational leadership, and leadership skills required for various purposes.


  Ir. Tjoek Walujo Subijanto, CES - Leadership Proficiency for IWRM

  Supardiyono Sobirin - Conflict Resolution and Community Empowerment

  Hisaya SAWANO - Role of Head (General Manager) of River Office in Japan (Required Leadership for IWRM)

  Raymond Valiant RURITAN - Komunikasi dalam Pengelolaan Terpadu Sumberdaya Air

  S. Budi Prayitno - Teknik Negoisasi

  Tue Kell Nielsen - water sharing in Vu Gia-Thu Bon River Basin, Viet Nam


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