Center for River Basin Organizations and Management


ADB Water Learning Week

ADB, Manila, 7-11 November 2011

In addition to ADB staff, the event assembled 100 participants from 20 countries, including representatives from government and UN bodies, RBOs, water corporations, development organizations, knowledge centres and universities, Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF), NARBO, African Development Bank, various NGOs, and others.

The opening lecture on 'Choices for a sustainable planet' was given by Rector Andras Szollosi-Nagy from UNESCO-IHE.

The programme featured workshops and panel discussions on water quality; disaster risk preparedness; and visionary basin-level development planning.
There were also seminars about Laguna Lake and Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA); remote sensing; IWRM in Orissa; and climate change in the Himalayas.
There were thematic presentations about NARBO; about spatial planning and water resources management; and about the Citarum Basin and the 6-Cis Area (the Citarum and two adjacent basins around Jakarta, West Java). A dialogue session was held with the APWF Steering Group on Water and Climate change.

Surveys were conducted of opinions about successful IWRM implementation, learning and knowledge-sharing. The participants shared experience and ideas related to IWRM-based governance; the use of guidelines; stakeholder participation and community involvement; leadership; ways to learn from each other; gender mainstreaming; and awareness-building.

It was observed that water, food and energy are often developed separately, with little regard to interdependencies. The private sector is emerging as a major player in hydropower and food production, and hereby in water allocation and management. A dialogue is warranted.

A concluding panel advised on ways to more effective IWRM implementation, including the need of knowledge management and networking; and on developing networking skills in addition to leadership skills.


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