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CRBOM Leadership Training for IWRM Proficiency

The participants were welcomed by Ir. Isnugroho, followed by a keynote speech by mr. Abdul Hanan Akhmad, Head of the Hydrology Sub-directorate of Directorate-General of Water Resources. The programme featured lectures on leadership and leadership challenges by Dr. Hastaning Sakti, Ir. Tjoek Walujo Subijanto, President Director of PJT1; mr. Hisaya Sawano, Jica Expert; Ir. Raymond Valiant, Manager of Water Services Division V, PJT1; professor S. Budi Prayitno, mr. Supardiyono Sobirin, Member, Observer Board on Forestry and Environment of West Java (and retired Director of Research Centre for Human Settlements and Research Centre for Water Resources); mrs. A. Wuriyati, Section Chief of Data Collection, Balai Sungai; and Dr. Tue Kell Nielsen, Senior Adviser, ADB RETA 6470. Case studies were presented and discussed of 'Communication and negotiation' and 'Conflict resolution and community empowerment'. Each presentation was followed by a discussion. There were also small exercises, opinion surveys and tests, conducted in groups or individually, and including several light-hearted moments. More

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Hisaya Sawano; Prof. S Budi Prayitno; Tjoek Waluyo Subijanto; Raymond Valiant; Supardiyono Sobirin; Tue Kell Nielsen;

Summary Leadership Skills; RBO Proficiency

MoU signed between CRBOM, PJT1 and Puslitbang SDA on 20 June 2011

A partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between CRBOM, Jasa Tirta 1 Public Corporation (PJT1) and Puslitbang SDA (Research Institute for Water Resources) in Malang on 20 June 2011 in the presence of HE Djoko Kirmanto, Minister of Public Works. Signed by mr. Isnugroho, Execeutive Director, CRBOM; mr. Tjoek Walujo Subijanto, President Director, PJT1; and dr. Arie Moerwanto, Head of Puslitbang SDA, Ministry of Public Works, the MoU provides for collaboration betwen the parties in support of good basin-level water governance in Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia. The collaboration is expected to include exchange of data and information; professional networking and dialogue; joint research initiatives and dissemination; and provision of services to clients.

NARBO 1st Executive Retreat Meeting and International Seminar on Corporate River Basin Organization in Asia

The event was organized by NARBO and its secretariat, and was co-organized and hosted by PJT1. It assembled 32 participants, including RBO leaders, other IWRM executives, special guests, moderators, resource persons and organizers, with representatives from Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka and Thailand, as well as ADB, ADB Institute, Asia-Pacific Water Forum, CRBOM, Japan Water Agency and NARBO. More

Leadership Workshop

The workshop addressed organizational and personal leadership in support of good basin-level governance. It was organized by CRBOM in collaboration with ADB, NARBO, and PJT1. The 62 participants represented 27 Indonesian RBOs, and ADB, Deltares and Jica. More

Bengawan Solo 2nd Stakeholder Workshop

Bengawan Solo Water Council had their meeting on 13 December 2010 in Gresik, East Java. Together with this event also held 2nd stakeholder Workshop by RETA 6470 "Managing Water in Asia's River Basins". The Workshop was held on 14-15 December 2010.

Day 1 was a regular Council meeting (held 3 times year), with invited guests from Jica, peer advisers from Cambodia, the Philippines and Viet Nam, as well as CRBOM and ADB. The Council discussed its basin-level development planning (including its pola or roadmap) and heard reports from its 3 permanent commissions (that cover (1) water conservation; (2) water-sharing; and (3) water-related disasters and calamities). A review was made of past decisions by the Council, and whether they have been implemented. Presentations about basin-level planning were made by peer advisers from Cambodia and the Philippines. The Council agreed on next year's water allocation (which will be the same as this year's). It was decided to evaluate the scope for compensation for environmental services. More

CRBOM National Seminar and Workshop

National Seminar and Workshop on the Integrated River Management For Facing Climate Change, held by the Center for River Basin Organizations and Management (CRBOM) in cooperation with the Recearch Center for Water Resources, Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Public Works at the Hotel Lor-In Solo on 24-25 November 2010.

The event began with the report from the Head of the River station, Ir. Isnugroho, CES. The opening seminar directed by Ir. Much. Hasan, Dipl.HE, he was act as the Directorate General for Research and Development Agency.

On this occasion was also held the declaration (Launching) of Standards Information Network by Ir. Riana S, MSI from Research and Development Agency and Unik Sri Mulatsih, SST, MT from River Station. More

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